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What is involved in the Process of Publishing a Novel?



Lets say you want to publish a book, your book goes to the reader who are paid to read your book. This reader is paid to assess your work and look at the originality of your works concept and style. Most publishers rely mostly on professional readers. These professional readers will determine if they like the plot, the characters and your style of writing. Then your manuscripts will then be received to a publisher's approval.

The editor is hired to edit your work. Editors can be harsh at times and they will give you an awakening when your corrected work comes back to you for approval. Remember, if you do not agree with the corrections done on your work, you should speak up now, otherwise you can not do anything about it later. There are usually good reasons behind your editors corrections. It is the editors job to check illustrations, liaise with authors, designers, typesetters and printers and oversee the production control to produce the best possible product within the given budget.

Experts in this field work on a previously arranged budget. So which means that now you are entering into a business arrangement with a publishing house and this is where everything about your book is going to be arranged. Then comes the production control, a production control is responsible for the overall schedules and costings. The production control is the one that is in touch with the editor, designer, accounts department and warehouse. One reality of most books that are not printed because the publishing house will not receive a return on investments, against the investment in time and money they need to make in order for your book to reach the shelves. The designer is in charge of your books design. This is where a decision is made as to the final layout, the number of pages your book will have, and the type of paper and cover.

If you would like to form your book with a hard cover with a lot of picture illustrations then you should look forward to selling a very expensive book at the end in the bookstores. The typesetter will lay out the final proofs of your book which is called “galleys'” this is where your book is checked for errors. If you have a typo in the text of your book, this is not the place where it will get corrected. If the typo was not picked up during the extensive editing process then it stays in your text. Be sure your work is done the best as you can. The errors that are corrected in this area are the design that is issued for the book, the color, the layout, and the number of pages.

The last step in making a book is when your manuscript is turned into a printed book. The printer will take the final proofs and print it according to the instructions they have received. The printer at this time is familiar with your work because they had printed your first proofs. If you would like a glossy cover for your book, it will be cheaper if it is printed somewhere else and together have the cover and the final proofs binded. After the first print is over they are sent to the publisher for checking and advance copies are sent to various departments and reviewers before the final run is printed.

After this you are done. The whole process could take from twelve months to three years before you receive your first check, which is why many writers have another job on the side. Your check is a percentage of the total price of the book once the other links in the publishing chain have received their share of the profits.





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