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There's a lot of thought that goes into publishing a comic book. You need to consider that it will take up a lot of time and money. You need to sit down and ask yourself a couple questions before you publish a comic book.

Some of the questions that will come up are:

is your comic book going to be in color? Will it have a color cover? What level of sales are you going to aim your comic book for? How will you advertise your comic book? How will you print your comic book? How will you distribute it? What kind of comic is your book?

Okay, to help you answer these questions here are some things to think about. Is your comic book in color? Some comic books are not in color, unless if you have a lot of money to print your comic books.

Will the cover of your comic book be in color?

Just to keep in mind the cover is the most visible thing on your comic book and it is the first thing the customer will see and notice besides the title of your book.

What level of sales are you aiming your book for?

You should actually ask yourself, how many of my comic books do I want to sell instead.
How will you advertise your comic book? You can place ads about your comic book in your community news paper, the Internet etc. be sure to have your money ready at this time because advertisement is not free.

How will you print your comic book?

Well, think about it, if you do not have much money then you are going to try to print your comic book at the place that gives you the best price.

How will you distribute your comic book across the country?

Diamond is the only major distributor left in North America. Heroes World was bought by Marvel; Andromeda went out of business; Multibooks, Styx, and Capital City are now all aiming more at gaming and comic related items.

What kind of comic is your book?

Well, when you are advertising for you book, you need to project a cohesive image for your comic book or each ad you place will start from ground up in peoples heads. It will be better if these people take with them something in each ad that you place. Ever wonder why companies have logos and trademarks? There is a whole theory behind the market of comic books.





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